About Grappzie

What exactly is Grappzie?

Grappzie is a digital first platform that allows you to create a personalised greeting or invitation in minutes! You can select from a wide range of quality styles and designs, use your own photography, add your own messages and even your own signature. You can then share your wonderful creation digitally through WhatsApp, iMessage, email, SMS etc. or even send a printed version via first class or second class post in the UK to as many people as you like.

We also have our event management platform so that you can organise that special event and keep track of your guest list in safe and secure environment.

Why Grappzie?

Grappzie was born through frustrations of organising kids parties, remembering to send thank you cards, announcing house moves and giving a personal touch to those very happy times in our lives. Whilst there are a number of competitors, none catered for what we needed. Most apps and websites were either overcomplicated, had poor designs, included dreaded advertising, too expensive or didn’t allow us to send cards digitally as well as physically. After some market research, we knew that we were not alone and decided to build Grappzie as an all-in-one solution.

Is it free?

With our launch on both Apple App Store, a small portion of our digital cards will be free with the remainder being paid for. There will also be a charge for printed versions and a small charge for using the event management platform.

When did Grappzie launch?

Grappzie launched on the Apple App Store in January 2018.

How can I contact Grappzie?

Our Grappzie team can be contacted 24/7. Simply email hello@grappzie.com and we will reply, helping you with your query.