About us

Grappzie is a market place for personalised creativity and was founded by Chris Wall and Phil Reid in March 2018.

As with all start-ups, we faced many hurdles along the way but were extremely proud to have launched the first version of Grappzie on the Apple AppStore in January 2019 with digital greeting cards and invitations as our first range of products that can be personalised and shared.  

A few months have passed since then, and there is now the option to select designs by your favourite artist or illustrator and read their bios. You can even have your creations printed and sent to any address in the UK using our express or standard service.

We are super excited to be entering our next chapter and seeing our community of users and artists grow so we become the leading market place for personalised creativity.


Our Mission


To create a simple, safe and digital environment where people are free to create, personalise and send something special; a digital market place providing access to high-quality creativity.

We strongly believe that everyone has that special creative something and whether you want to use works provided by our wonderful Creative Community or want to create something from scratch, and then have your creations shared to the world however you choose (whether physically or digitally, or both), Grappzie provides the tools for you to do this.

Chris Wall

Chris is a Dad to three amazing young boys and spent majority of his adult life working as a finance lawyer in the UK and overseas. Working very long hours and missing out on many things in life, including spending time with his family, and after his middle child was seriously ill at just six weeks old, Chris wanted another opportunity and with his love of creativity, design and illustration, as well as his fondness of things both digital and physical, he wanted to build a company that encompasses all those elements and left the legal world at the end of 2017 to explore the idea of Grappzie with Phil.

Phil Reid

Phil is a designer by nature having built a successful and growing digital and brand agency in London. Working across brand growth, digital products and physical design he believes that there is a real need to innovate digitally but not forget physical and tangible aspects of communication. A Dad to two wonderful children, Phil believes passionately that there is creative talent within everyone – and that in a changing world opportunities for sharing that creativity increase. Phil’s commercial and design-orientated knowledge helps both his and Chris’s Grappzie vision come to life building a company and brand that puts creators at the heart of its story.